State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski Shares Message on 2021 Property Taxes

Property Tax Bills Due January 31st, Local Treasurers Are A Resource

MADISON, Wis. — State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski today is reminding Wisconsinites that property tax season is here and to be sure to pay their property taxes on time to avoid unwanted interest and penalties. City, village, and town treasurers are in the process of mailing out property tax bills that should arrive by mid-December.

“When homeowners pay their property taxes, the money goes toward supporting their local communities and essential services such as education, public safety, sanitation, and mental health,” said State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski. “By making the first installment or paying in full by January 31st, homeowners can avoid interest and penalties, prevent foreclosure, and make a key investment in the community they call home.”

Homeowners should be sure to check that they are receiving the lottery credit when reviewing their property tax bills. The lottery credit is available to individuals who are paying property tax on their primary residence.

By paying the full amount of the first installment by January 31, taxpayers ensure they don’t lose the option to pay in installments and avoid penalties and fees. If unable to pay the first installment, taxpayers should pay as much as they can to reduce added interest to late payments. Taxpayers who expect they might have difficulty paying their property tax bill should be sure to reach out to their local treasurer for guidance.

Additionally, the state is preparing for the launch of the Wisconsin Help for Homeowners (WHH) Program in early 2022. The program intends to provide nearly $93 million to eligible homeowners for critical mortgage and property tax assistance. The program will be administered by the Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources (DEHCR), in partnership with the Wisconsin Community Action Program (WISCAP), member agencies, the Office of the State Treasurer and Take Root Wisconsin. To receive information when the program becomes available, please visit and complete the form linked at the bottom of the page.

For other questions regarding your property tax bill, reach out to your local treasurer or review this page for frequently asked questions. Contact information for your county treasurer can be found here.